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Ciscolive! Barcelona 2019 előadások

A hétvégén átnéztem az előadások listáját a barcelonai Ciscolive On-Demand Library-ban. A 646 előadásból 35 db-ot válogattam ki, amiket meg fogok nézni / át fogok lapozni.

Fő kategóriák, amelyekben nézelődök: CCIE, SD-WAN, SD-Access, Meraki, Wireless, API, egyéb.

Nektek összeállt már a lista?


The CCIE in a Software-Defined world: Programmability, automation, and the value of technical certification – BRKCRT-3075

3 Steps to Deploy Cisco SD-WAN On-Prem – BRKRST-2559
Can your WAN keep up? Deliver at no compromises SD-WAN today – PSOEN-2400
Delivering Cisco Next Generation SD-WAN with Viptela – BRKCRS-2110
Inside Cisco IT: Lessons from Cisco IT’s SD-WAN Journey – BRKCOC-1236
Introduction to Cisco SD-WAN(Viptela) Hands-On Lab – LTRCRS-2015
Migration to Next-Gen SD-WAN – BRKCRS-2111
SDWAN Design and Deployment – BRKCRS-2117
Serviceability for Next Generation SD-WAN – BRKCRS-2112
Troubleshooting Lab with Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) – LTRCRS-2475
Branch & SDWAN Orchestration and Automation with NSO CFP – LTRSDN-2713

SD-Access / DNA
Cisco DNA Center – From 0 to 100 How to get the network up and running from scratch – BRKSDN-2426
Cisco SD-Access – A Look Under the Hood – BRKCRS-2810
Cisco SD-Access Campus Wired and Wireless Network Deployment Using Cisco Validated Designs – BRKCRS-1501
Cisco SD-Access – Connecting to the Data Center, Firewall, WAN and More ! – BRKCRS-2821
Real World Use Cases for Deploying and Operating Cisco SD-Access Using Cisco DNA Center – BRKSDN-2500
SD-Access technology deepdive – BRKCRS-3810

Meraki Beats – Develop and Deploy a Meraki Wireless Health Monitor – DEVNET-2435
Meraki Wireless under the hood – BRKEWN-2028

7 New ways to Fail as a Wireless Expert… – BRKEWN-2439
Access Points as Wireless Controllers, Discover Mobility Express – LTREWN-2141
Advanced Troubleshooting of Wireless LANs – BRKEWN-3011
Be my guest! – Design and Deploy Wireless Guest Access that Works – BRKEWN-2014
Design and Deployment of Outdoor Wireless Networks – BRKEWN-2027
High Density Wi-Fi Design, Deployment, and Optimization – BRKEWN-2013
Improve Enterprise WLAN Spectrum Quality with Cisco’s advanced RF capacities (RRM, CleanAir, ClientLink, etc) – BRKEWN-3010
Optimize your WLANs for iPhones and iPads (and welcome other mobile devices too) – BRKEWN-2003
Understanding Radio Design for 802.11ax (WiFi6) Wireless Networks – BRKEWN-2017

Advanced Cisco IOS Device Instrumentation – BRKNMS-3021
APIs for Automating Network Element Deployment – DEVNET-2323
Introduction to CLI Automation with Ansible – LTRRST-1954
Scripting Catalyst switches—tools and techniques beyond the basics – BRKCRS-2451
YANG Data Modeling and NETFCONF: Cisco and Industry Developments – BRKNMS-2032

Overview of Packet Capturing Tools in Cisco Switches and Routers – BRKARC-2011
Troubleshooting BGP – BRKRST-3320

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