Nem megy a tanulás… 6 comments

Nem megy a tanulás. Az utóbbi hetekben nagyon nehezen tudom rávenni magam (ha rá tudom egyáltalán). Tény, hogy a vizsga anyaga sem köt le (Security – ISE, EAP, stb.), de fel kell pörgetnem magam, mert így nem lesz belőle semmi 🙂 .

Na meg nyár, és rengeteg meló, de akkor is…

Siralmas a teljesítményem 🙂 .


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6 thoughts on “Nem megy a tanulás…

  • iheanyiobasi

    Szia Ferenc,

    I know how you feel, I’m am also stuck getting prepared for the exam. I did enjoy the EAP and IBNS areas. Are you using the study materials posted on Cisco Learning Network or a different course guide?

      • iheanyiobasi

        I also use the CLN study materials. I am considering buying the e-learning course but not sure if its really worth it, I’ve heard mixed reviews so far. By the way, I found the CWSP study guide and Jerome’s blog really helpful for topics like roaming. I will give the Quick Reference guide a closer look.

        • Kuris Ferenc Post author

          You can check the first 3 chapters of the e-learning course FREE. Take a look at it. I didn’t buy it.
          CWSP book is great to understand EAP, I checked it, too.

          • iheanyiobasi

            That’s true, the CWSP guide coverage of EAP is much better than the CLN reference material in my opinion.
            I’ll try out the e-learning, thanks for the tip. Best wishes with your learning in the meantime, I’ve got three weeks to my exam so I guess you go first.

          • Kuris Ferenc Post author

            Good luck then! Please give me feedback how it went. I’m not sure I will go first 🙂 . It is possible that I will postpone my exam.