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CiscoLive! – válogatott előadások

Kiválogattam az 501 előadásból azokat, amelyek érdekelnének. Sajnos minden időpontra több érdekes téma jut. Nehéz lesz választani. Íme a lista:





Cisco Nexus 7000/7700 Switch Architecture [BRKARC-3470] 2hr

Intermediate – IPv6 from Intro to Intermediate [BRKRST-2116] 2hr

APIC-EM: Controller Workflow and Use Cases [BRKARC-3004] 2hr

VPC Best Practices and Design on NX OS [BRKDCT-2378] 2hr

Campus QoS Design-Simplified [BRKCRS-2501] 2hr

Programmability and Automation on Cisco Nexus Platforms [BRKDCT-2459] 2hr

Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 6500 / 6800 Series Switches [BRKCRS-3143] 2hr

Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Architecture [BRKCRS-2000] 2hr

Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture [BRKARC-3438] 2hr

ASR-9000/IOS-XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting the system and XR operations [BRKSPG-2904] 2hr

Evolve your Datacenter with ACI [LTRACI-1210] 4hr

End-to-End Application-Centric Data Center [BRKVIR-2931] 2hr




IWAN management via APIC-EM (SDN Controller) [BRKSDN-2099] 1h30

IPv6 Routing Protocols Update [BRKRST-2022] 1h30

Branch Office Wireless LAN Design [BRKEWN-2016] 1h30

Ethernet Evolving – Ethernet at New Speeds, Deterministic Networking, and Power over Everything! [BRKCRS-3900] 1h30

Campus Wired LAN Deployment Using Cisco Validated Designs [BRKCRS-1500] 1h30





Szerda 9.00

Automating Operational Tasks in Cisco ACI [BRKACI-3204] 2hr

APIC-EM – A scale out architecture for SDN in the Enterprise [BRKCRS-3011] 2hr

IWAN – Implementing Performance Routing (PfRv3) [BRKRST-2362] 2hr

Advanced Enterprise Campus Design: Converged Access [BRKCRS-2888] 2hr    — ezt neztuk LOC-ban. 3850, 3560, Cat4500

How to setup an ACI fabric from scratch [BRKACI-2004] 2hr

Intermediate – Innovations in Branch Routing [BRKCRS-2448] 2hr

Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) – Hands on Lab [LTRSDN-1914] 4hr

Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch Architectures [BRKARC-3465] 2hr



Szerda 11.30

WAN and Remote-Site Deployment using Cisco Validated Designs [BRKCRS-2040] 1h30

Building Data Centers with Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) [PNLACI-2201] 1h30

Introduction to the Next Generation IOS-XR architecture [BRKSPG-2069] 1h30

Network Management Automation of Cisco Nexus Fabrics [BRKDCT-2444] 1h30



Cisco – Meraki Design Options and Guidelines [PSOEWN-1006] 1hr

Speeding Up Business By Simplifying The Data Centre With ACI & Nexus [PSOSDN-2002] 1hr




Intermediate – IOS-XR Overview and Hands-on Configuration [LTRARC-2002] 4hr

Advanced IPv6 Routing and services lab [LABSPG-7122] 4hr




Cisco Enterprise ASICs – Delivering Innovation for Advanced Routing and Switching [BRKARC-3467] 1h30

Data Center Network Failure Detection [BRKDCT-2333] 1h30

How to write an IPv6 Addressing Plan [BRKRST-2667] 1h30




Deploying ISE in a Dynamic Public Environment [BRKSEC-2059] 1h30

Prime Infrastructure for Data Center Management [BRKDCT-1885] 1h30

Advanced – Scaling BGP [BRKRST-3321] 1h30





Intermediate – IPv6 Planning, Deployment and Operation Considerations [BRKRST-2312] 2hr

Intermediate – Enterprise Network Virtualization using IP and MPLS Technologies: Introduction [LTRMPL-2102] 4hr

Advanced ISE Services, Tips and Tricks [BRKSEC-3697] 2hr

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Prime Infrastructure [BRKNMS-2701] 2hr

Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 3650 / 3850 Series Switches [BRKCRS-3146] 2hr

Deploying Cisco IOS Autonomic Networking Infrastructure [BRKSDN-2047] 2hr




Securely Managing Your Networks with SNMPv3 [BRKNMS-2658] 1h30

Network State Awareness and Troubleshooting [BRKARC-2025] 1h30

Device Administration with TACACS+ using Identity Services Engine [BRKSEC-2060] 1h30

Network visibility using advanced Analytics in Nexus switches [BRKDCT-1890]  1h30

Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) & Application Optimization [BRKRST-2514] 1h30



Cisco Catalyst Instant Access – Virtual Switching System (IA – VSS) Lab [LTRCRS-2004] 4h



Migrating Your Existing WAN to Cisco’s IWAN [BRKCRS-2007] 1h30

Enterprise Multi-Homed Internet Edge Architectures [BRKRST-2044] 1h30

How to Manage Wired Networks With Cisco Prime Infrastructure? [BRKNMS-2848] 1h30





Building Scalable, Flexible Enterprise Architectures with Cisco Meraki [BRKCRS-2101] 2h

Cisco Converged Branch Infrastructure Lab [LTRARC-2004] 4h

Troubleshooting BGP [BRKRST-3320] 2h

Advanced Concepts of DMVPN [BRKSEC-4054] 2h

Nexus 9000/7000/6000/5000 Operations and Maintenance Best Practices [BRKDCT-2458] 2h

IWAN and AVC Management with Cisco Prime Infrastructure [BRKNMS-1040] 2h

End-to-End QoS Implementation and Operation with Cisco Nexus Switches [BRKDCT-3346] 2h

Advanced Enterprise Campus Design: Virtual Switching System (VSS) [BRKCRS-3035] 2h



Data Center Infrastructure – Design, Implementation, and Operational Considerations [BRKDCT-2026] 2h

Cisco Live Network and NOC (Network Operation Center) [PNLNMS-1035] 1h30

IWAN AVC/QoS Design [BRKRST-2043] 2h

Overview of Packet Capturing Tools in Cisco Switches and Routers [BRKARC-2011] 2h

WAN Architectures and Design Principles [BRKRST-2041] 2h

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